Hi, I’m Evelyn, and this is my blog Pickled Joy. I’m a nude-lip wearing, coffee drinking, jeans & tee kind of girl. Minimal makeup is my thing, and my style is simple and effortless.

Pickled Joy is my happy place to focus on the things I love. It started as a space to be productive while on my gap year, and now I’m planning how I can fit this into my university schedule. While the start was rocky and inconsistent, I now post dare I say it every day. It brings me joy and has been like a best friend to confide in over the past year. weird? maybe. 

And the name?

p i c k l e d  j o y

Is sort of the way I think about happiness. It means that it’s okay not to be happy all the time, and it’s okay to feel happy and sad at the same time – it’s okay to feel pickled joy.

If you like what you hear, I’d love you to be a part of this too. Let’s have a chat, I’ll put the kettle on.