Pastel Bedroom

As we realised the other day in my fashion post, I’m into my muted colours – mint, musk, beige, grey, white, chambray. Just dull down any colour and I’m there. So today I am showing you my new bed look. Very pastel, very muted! I love it.


Firstly, the cushion. I found this at an independent home shop when I was on my holiday by the sea. I can’t tell you much about it other than it’s a grey, green velvet cushion! There is no branding on it. It is like the colour of an ocean wave on a grey day. Very soft and comfy, I think it will be great in my new room when I move.


The second new purchase is this pink throw. I shared my love of pink in my post a few weeks ago. This is just evidence of the pink obsession! I featured this throw in my last post, where I was coveting it – and my Mum very nicely gave it to me as a house warming gift! thanks mum. It is from Bed Bath n Table and is currently 50% off which makes it a real bargain. Check it out here. It’s a lovely soft cotton and is just my FAVOURITE colour.


Of course, the thing that makes this look, is crisp white sheets. White sheets are so timeless and beautiful. Sliding into freshly washed sheets is up there with my favourite things to do – others being diving into the ocean, and sharing a box of malteasers with my family shhhh. 

Thanks for reading guys. Sorry about the lack of posts, I went on holidays and took a bit of a break – but I’m back.



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