Currently coveting

A bit of a different one today, picklers. This is a mood board I made of the things I am loving, coveting and thinking about at the moment. I am moving in the next couple of weeks so I am thinking about my new space. Trouble is, I haven’t actually seen it! So I’m reluctant to buy things that I’m not sure are going to fit in.


As you can see blush features a lot in this board. I have my eyes on this blush throw from Bed Bath n Table. house warming anyone?! I’ve also spotted a cushion in Adairs that I think would be super nice, navy and pink with fish again with the pink that’s on clearance so I am considering snatching it up.

Of course there’s a few beauty bits in there. My love, the Chanel Rouge Coco and a brewing covet, the NARS classic orgasm blushThere’s just something magic about it! 

Other things I’m loving are lilies. I just love buying them while in bud and letting them open over the course of a week or so. I think their scent is absolutely exquisite. We have some at home at the moment and I just love them.

More homey bits like my favourite coloured cushions, and one of those trendy mirrors which I have fallen in love with. Also, I’ve featured a glasshouse candle, I might buy one of those or a diffuser as a moving gift to myself. I always love my space to smell lovely.

I’m moving to a city people so the latte art is going to be REAL. I’m looking forward to cracking out my new coffee machine I got for christmas and trying it out at my new place.

That mustard cushion is just to remind me to give everything a go and make my new place a happy place. Maybe I won’t be living with my family. But I will be much closer to one segment of it and they’re only a phone call away. remember that Evelyn. 

Thanks for reading.

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