How to pack like a pro

Tomorrow I will be taking off for a week at the beach. A break before I move house and head off to university. Some time to enjoy my friends, and embrace the sea and sunshine. just thinking about it is relaxing. Here are my top packing tips for a hassle-free trip!

Write a list.

A list helps to keep you on track and eliminate things you don’t need. Work out the number of days, consider any events or occasions, and think about climate and activities. Be specific and sensible. you know what happens once you get packing. 

Get rolling.

Rolling is my newest and most effective packing technique. I love how rolled clothing goes in crease-free and comes out the same way. Scarves, undies, t-shirts, dresses, shorts – I roll everything! It seriously saves space and makes finding things much easier.

Bring less than you think.

Ask yourself “Do I need this? Do I need this? DO I NEED THIS?” confessions of a shopaholic anyone? Generally you’re bringing more than you need. Use your list as your guide and try to stick solely to it. I’m sure you’ll find other things along the way. Be strict with yourself and if your not really sure, err on the side of leaving it behind.

Leave space.

There is ALWAYS more things on the way home. Whether it’s souvenirs, shopping or just poor repacking, it always seems more full. Be prepared, and if you think you’re going to be bringing a lot home consider a larger bag, or bring a canvas carryon that you can fill up.

Remember your toiletries.

Your toiletries can sometimes take up more room than you expect. Remember to leave a space in your bag at the top so you can brush your teeth and pop it in. There’s nothing more frustrating that forgetting those essentials!

Bring your bathers

This tip really comes from my Dad. We could be going to antarctica and he would still say “Bring your swimmers – you never know, there could be a spa or something!”. While it seems crazy and ridiculous in some situations, this tip has stuck with me and has even made it into this post. I never forget my bathers, and I have to say, it has saved me on some occasions.

So now I am going to go back to my packing and implement these tips! Hope they help you on your next holiday.

I hope I will be able to post while I’m away, but I’m not sure. I hope you understand if there isn’t a post for a week, there might be some sea side coming up however!



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