The Chanel Rouge Coco Edit

There are a LOT of lipsticks out there. Most of these are on the nude scale. How are we meant to navigate through them all?! Somehow, I have managed to, and I have found my perfect range. Based on colour range and variety, longevity and just all round comfort – this range is my one and only!

I have three of the collection. If you were my Mum, you would say they are all the same. But I know you picklers will understand the subtle differences that make them each necessary in any nude-lip collection. Two of these I have spoken about before but I have just picked up a new one I would like to discuss with you.

DSC_0405 (1).jpg

Shade 434 Mademoiselle

While in the tube it may look slightly brown – when on the lips, it’s a beautiful deep rose. It’s just a bit darker than my tongue colour you all know about that test, yeah? so it is very flattering on my skin tone. I wore this almost every day through winter. I just love it and it wears so well, especially with a lipliner underneath.


Shade 402 Adrienne

Adrienne is the one I have been raving about for at least a month now. It’s a peachy toned nude, which is so easy to throw on with no makeup or with a natural, bronzed look. I love how it is slightly sheer so you can slap it on without a mirror risk-free. I just love it’s effortlessness.


Shade 458 Marlène

The new addition. This one is more pinky than either of the others. I liked the idea of a really fresh lip with pink blush and bright eyes. I think I might put that look together for a post one day. Although similar to Mademoiselle, I could see ways this could change up my makeup and that’s what I wanted! It’s very fresh and springy and just look at it makes me happy.

Let me know if you have tried any shades in the range and have any recommendations, I would love to hear what you think. Thanks for reading!




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