Avocado on toast

I have decided I am definitely an avocado person. I aim to have at least one avocado in my house at all times. They are just so filling and delicious, half an avo and a slice of toast is enough to keep me going from noon till dinner. They’re just so creamy, healthy and delicious. Here’s how I like to do mine:


The key to great avocado on toast is a perfect avo. Not too squishy, not too hard. It should be the consistency of butter, if it’s not, pop it in foil and back in the fridge for a day. Don’t forget about it though! You also need to have perfectly cooked toast, you don’t want to ruin your perfect avocado with burnt toast!

The other thing to remember is that toast cools down quickly! You need to have everything ready before your toast is popped. Butter, sliced avo, salt, pepper and a slice of lemon. Then you’re good to go.

When it’s popped, add a lashing of butter and arrange your sliced avo. I like to slice it length ways in its skin and then transfer it from there.


Lemon, and salt and pepper MAKE avocado on toast. Once your avo is laid, add a generous squeeze of lemon and a twist of salt and pepper.


Then sit back and enjoy the sweet serenity and creamy deliciousness of avocado on toast. You’re welcome. 



** sorry if this is a bit different, for some reason the content of my last post deleted itself! Don’t worry it won’t be any less delicious!

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