Pre-loved treasure

So yesterday I decided to pop into my local op-shop. I’m really looking for useful kitchen things for when I move out. However, I spotted this and I’m in love. This was a serious bargain, $4! now if that isn’t thrift shopping, I don’t know what is.

Unlike my other product reviews, I can’t give you a link or a description for this bag. The brand is Lucky Bird, I’ve tried to do some google-research, to no avail. If you type in ‘lucky bird bags’, you tend to get pictures of bags with birds on them – not what we’re after. Anyway, let me tell you about it.


In my eyes, it’s a satchel style bag with a clasp front and cross body strap, as well as a small handle at the top. It sits at the perfect hip length for over one shoulder. It reminds me of the bags my Mum used to wear at university, very fitting seeing as I’m off to uni in a few weeks. Unfortunately this one isn’t leather, but that hasn’t changed my view of it.


On the back it has two pockets. One that perfectly fits my phone for easy access, and the other I think is a great passport size. Making this the perfect travel bag. I’ve thought through all the options!


Inside it has two main pockets, and a thin zipper pocket in the middle. It also has a small pocket on the front and a small zipper pocket inside at the back. The bag fits quite a lot because of it’s expandable sides on all the pockets, even the front one. I haven’t used it yet, but I have already popped in a little notebook and pen, mini perfume and my purse. I’m ready to go. 

dsc_0338Now you won’t be able to find this exact bag anywhere, unless you have super-luck, but I hope this encourages you to have a dig through your local op-shop and see what treasures you can find.

Let me know below if you’ve ever found great treasures in an op-shop!



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