How to live in the country

Today we are jumping out of the beauty world, and keeping it real with a chat about living in the country. For nearly half my life I lived in the city, however I have spent the second half of my life in the country. If you are not familiar with Australia, no, not all of us live by the beach, and no, not all of us live in the red centre and ride kangaroos to school. Have I covered the most common misconceptions? Somewhere between those two places there is country Australia. Think: dusty, sheep, cows, wide streets, sunshine, rivers, fields, gumtrees and hills – that’s kind of it. In under a months time I will be moving to a big city. So I thought I’d give you five tips for living in the country, especially if you’re a city girl at heart.

1. Don’t be a snob
I find this hard! After travelling through Europe and coming back here to live full time in the country, everything felt tacky and cheap. In England I worked for four months in the cutest pub with the most delicious food. Here, our local pub looks like a prison block and produces food of a similar quality. You just have to adjust your outlook, otherwise you will spiral into a negative depression of comparison.

2. Be open to everyone. 
When I moved here I knew no one other than my family and without school to make friends in, my first months were very lonely. Making friends without a regular routine is TOUGH. Yeah, you get on at work, and yes they’re nice, but when do you make the jump and see them outside 9-5? The answer is, you just have to do it. I started seeing movies with people from work – it’s a great place to start because you have something to talk about and do, it lets you both ease into it and suss each other out – now we text and catch up regularly. Just be open, forget your snobbiness and make time for people outside of work.

3. Embrace the tranquility
Sometimes the country is quiet. Too quiet even. Especially when you’re home alone. I spent six weeks home alone a few months back and I tell you what, you get used to it. I always make my space cosy with lamps and candles and pop on the TV or radio for some company. Now I actually love the silent nights and am worried about how I’ll sleep in the city!

4. Take the time to save
The great thing about the country is the limited shopping available. Ok, so there is a highstreet, but it’s not the same as city shopping. The temptation to spend is reduced by a thousand! While you may want things… and make an excessive Sephora order every so often guilty, it has definitely helped my bank account. Take the time to save your pennies.

5. Learn to love your neighbours
Your neighbours are sometimes the only people you see your whole weekend. I live a bit out of town, so sometimes I stock up on food and won’t leave the house for a few days if I’m not working. Your neighbours are there all the time and it’s always nice to see a familiar face among the cows and sheep. Make sure you get off on the right foot, feed their cats when they’re away, and hand them a cool beverage when they climb over the fence – they’ll stick around.

There you are, follow those tips and you’ll be at home in the country in no time! You just have to make the best of it, and if you really don’t like it – just realise it’s not forever.



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