Golden smoky eye

Today I have cracked out my Gwen Stefani, Urban Decay eyeshadow palette for a good ol’ makeup look. This one is smoky, golden, warm and fuzzy. For those of you unfamiliar with the palette, I did a post here about it. It is the perfect blend of matte, shimmer, neutral and colour. Of course Urban Decay has thrown some wild cards in there, namely, harajuku and danger I don’t think I will ever touch them, sorry but the rest are super duper. This look is very quick and easy but it just looks SO good.


To start off I took stark on a small blending brush through my crease, I’m not too fussy here – this is my transition shade. I then popped zone on a more precise brush just in the crease. Concentrating it on the outside corner of my eye.


From there, I took the gold shimmery shade, steady and popped that all over my lid. I start off with a brush but I found that it was more pigmented with my finger.


Then it’s time to add some lash drama. I used punk on a small flat brush as an eyeliner. If I’m going out at night I usually use a black liner, but for a more natural smoky look a dark brown does the trick.


On my lower lash line I took some of that stark again, just to warm it up. And for a pop in the inner corner I used blonde. Then on with the mascara

So there you have it, a smoky eye to get you through the weekend. I have to say, I enjoy a doing fancy eyes, but in general a bit of bronzer through the crease will do me. dsc_0204


Other makeup I’m wearing: 

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation
Charlotte Tilbury Bronze & Glow
Rimmel Brow this Way gel
Chanel Rouge Coco 434 Madamoiselle



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  1. We have this palette and love it. Will have to try this look. Really want to try the charlotte tilbury bronze and glow as well!

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    1. Pickled Joy says:

      It’s such a great one isn’t it! It has all the colours you need. Yes, you really should it’s amazing.

      Liked by 1 person

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