A moment for pink

I thought my childhood years of pink-love were over, yet here we are and pink is re-entering my life bit by bit. I’m not talking Barbie, hot or fluro come on guys. no. I am specifically talking blush pink. there’s a difference. I was walking through a shop today, and was immediately drawn to the light blush coloured t-shirts, and I realised I like the colour pink. But I should have seen it coming… when I started looking around my house, it is clear this wasn’t a sudden interest – have a look:

First it was two beautiful dipped blush coloured mugs, with cream exposed bases. Mum and I have coffee in these every morning and they are such a pleasure to use.


Then of course, there’s my Chanel Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum. I didn’t buy that for the colour obviously but I do love that it is pink. It is such an exquisite, feminine scent; these are the notes: Top notes: oranges, bergamot and grapefruit, heart: rose extract, jasmine extract, litchi , base notes: vanilla, white musk.


As a Christmas present from work, I was given a Natio gift pack. In it was a blusher in the shade rosewood. I thought I would get the least use out of this, but I have been enjoying adding a natural, fresh pink tinge to my cheeks.


Now, let me tell you about this drink bottle. It is one of these thermos bottles, meaning that I can put cold water in it in the morning and 8 hours+ later it will be exactly the same temperature. I just love it. and it’s pink. 


Ok, now I’m wearing pink, you can call me crazy. I’ve bought a blush pink tee. But it’s not just a blush top, although to be honest that would be enough!, it’s the style! I have found the perfect slouchy t-shirt that washes so well and wears wonderfully. Check it out here.

And if all of those aren’t enough, I’ve always got pink on my nails (post about this polish here) and in my ears.

You see? This love of pink has been creeping up on me for a couple of months and I can’t control it, in fact I really like it! What do you think? Is pink infiltrating your life as well? perhaps it’s an invasion.



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