My secret beauty advisor

I think we can all agree that buying makeup is a risky business. It doesn’t matter how many reviews we read online, how many youtube videos we watch, it’s still risky. There is aways a chance that our skin might react to it, it might make us oily, dry us up like a desert, make our lips crack, react to another product we’re wearing etc. scary stuff. 

I have found the beauty advisor with the information we need when we’re considering what products to buy. The website is called Beautypediaand I can assure you I’m not being paid to say this! 

Beautypedia was initiated by Paula Begoun, known as The Cosmetics Cop, her research team put their heads together and dissect almost every makeup and skincare product on the market, and publish it on beautypedia for us to peruse.

My mum loves Paula’s Choice skincare and that’s what got me interested in her website, where I discovered beautypedia. Now, I’m not saying disregard the opinions of your favourite beauty gurus, but if you want to know what really is good and specifically what’s being put into your products, then head to beautypedia.


The refreshing thing about the website is that it proves expensive doesn’t necessarily mean good. Some of the best products on the market can be found at your local chemist. Paula Beguon was another inspiration for my affordable skincare routine that actually works.

Now this website covers most skincare and makeup but there are some brands that they don’t review. In this instance it is time for us to put our detective hats on and do some research for ourselves. This ingredients dictionary is very helpful when trying to work out whether a product will be good or not.

As a recovering acne strewn individual I found these pages particularly useful in the early stages when I was trying to avoid ANYTHING that could irritate my skin. You will notice that the three products that form my skincare routine all have five stars on her website. Same with my makeup. It is very rare nowadays that I will buy something without five stars according to beautypedia.

Head over to her website when you get a chance and check it out for yourselves.




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